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Professional Voice

Professional singers and public speakers rely on their voices for their livelihood and place larger than usual demand on their voice boxes which makes them prone to specific issues.

Singers and others that use their voices professionally place extraordinary demands on their voice boxes. As such they are prone to problems and maladies that others are not. Because of these issues treatment of the professional voice requires a specialized approach. This may include coordination with a speech and language pathologist for developing singing and speaking strategies to lessen the risk of vocal injury as well as medical and surgical treatment of benign lesions of vocal overuse.

Our group prides ourselves in recognizing and treating these unique issues in the professional voice users in our community. This is why many voice professionals in our community including those in the Rimrock Opera Company choose our group for their voice related issues.

We are also a proud supporter of the Billings Studio Theater, Alberta Bair Theater, NOVA, Rimrock Opera and other fine arts performers in the Billings area.

If you are a singer or professional speaker and would like a consultation with one of our physicians please give us a call.