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Vestibular Exercise Program

Vestibular Exercise Program to Overcome Dizziness

Vestibular Exercise Program to Overcome Dizziness (Based on Exercises from House Ear Clinic)

Aims of this exercise:

  • To loosen up the muscles of the neck and shoulders, to overcome the protective muscular spasm and tendency to move "in one piece."
  • To train movement of the eyes, independent of the bead.
  • To practice balancing in everyday situations with special attention to developing the use of the eyes and the muscle senses.
  • To practice head movements that cause dizziness, and thus .gradually overcome the disability.
  • To become accustomed to moving about naturally in daylight and in the dark.
  • To encourage the restoration of self-confidence and easy spontaneous movement.

Please remember that exercises may often make dizziness WORSE in the beginning before it gets BETTER!

Sitting Position

  1. Eye exercises at first slow, then quickly, 20 times
    1. Up and down.
    2. Side to side.
    3. Repeat 1.1. and 1.2. focusing on finger at arm's length
  2. Head exercises-at first slow, then quick, 20 times. [See 1.1 and 1.2 above]
  3. Shrug shoulders and rotate, 20 times.
  4. Bend forward and pick up objects from the ground, 20 times.
  5. Rotate head and shoulders slowly, then fast, 20 times.
  6. Rotate head, shoulders and trunk with eyes open, then closed, 20 times.


  1. Repeat eye exercises (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 above) 20 times as above.
  2. Repeat head exercises 20 times as above
  3. Repeat shoulder shrug and rotation 20 times.
  4. Change from a sitting to standing position, with eyes open, then shut. [10 times]
  5. Throw ball from hand to hand (above eye level). [10 times].
  6. Throw ball from hand to hand under knees. [10 times].
  7. Change from sitting to standing and turn around in between. [10 times].
  8. Repeat head, shoulder and trunk rotation with eyes opened and closed as above [20 times].


  1. Walk across room with eyes open, then closed, 10 times.
  2. Walk up and down slope with eyes open, then closed, 10 times.
  3. Do any games involving stooping, or stretching and aiming, such as bowling, shuffleboard, etc.
  4. Stand on one foot with eyes open, then closed.
  5. Walk with one fool in front of the other with eyes open, then closed.


Download this Vestibular Exercise Program in a PDF format:

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