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Voice disorders (laryngeal diseases) are quite varied and include benign lesions such as nodules and polyps malignant tumors such as squamous cell carcinoma and neurological disorders such as spasmodic dysphonia. The larynx performs a wide variety of functions that includes not only voice production but participation in breathing and swallowing as well. As a result, voice disorders can present in a wide variety of ways such as pain or difficulty with swallowing, sore throat as well as noisy or difficult breathing. Although this is true, the cardinal sign of voice disorders is hoarseness which can make the patient’s voice sound breathy, harsh or strained. Because of the varied nature of laryngeal diseases treatment may include medical management, surgical management, speech and language therapy or a combination of all of these modalities.

Professional singers and public speakers rely on their voices for their livelihood and place larger than usual demand on their voice boxes. As such these patients often require a specialized approach to their care which we are happy to provide (for more information on our treatment of the professional voice click here).

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